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Net Worth Mar ’17


Checking – cash purposed for managing day-to-day and monthly expenses

  • -$4,543.20 transferred a nice chunk to my savings account where I get 0.5% interest + debt payments

Savings – cash purposed for the next 3-5 years (wife’s tuition, house down payment, emergency etc)

  • +$2,668.27 automated savings of $150 + additional savings

Life Insurance – cash (surrender) value of policies purposed for strategic investment opportunities 

  • +$9,502.72 increase in cash (surrender) value from monthly premiums, dividend interest and loan repayments


  • -$371.72 market movement

Real Estate Earnings – PeerStreet monthly interest earnings

  • -$618.12 re-invested interest earnings into another investment


Retirement  – 401(k), IRAs, Pension

  • -$815.27 market movements

Other – represents my cost basis in illiquid investments such as PeerStreet principal investment, Mrs. Church’s wedding rings, apartment security deposit, and an outstanding loan receivable

  • -$1,015.00 new PeerStreet investment (includes cash from Real Estate Earnings above)


Credit Cards – two cards with great rewards

  • -$768.14 decrease is from monthly payment

Other – life insurance policy loans used to fund strategic investment opportunities

  • -$1345.03 loan reduction payment made

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