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Net Worth Dec’17

SUMMARY: Despite having my wife’s tuition to pay and living off of one income in NYC, 2017 was a very prosperous year.  All but one month was incrementally positive.  I attribute the gains to 1) disciplined saving, 2) disciplined investing and 3) the strength of the market.  2018 is going to be a grinder of a year with lots of change headed our way.  Change is exciting when it is carefully planned and controlled.  See my 2018 Forecast for further details. 


Checking – cash purposed for managing day-to-day and monthly expenses

  • +$29.42 cash is up a bit, but not for long.  Increases in operating cash are almost always attributable to increases in credit card debt

Savings – cash purposed for the next 3-5 years (wife’s tuition, house down payment, emergency etc)

  • -$1,631.65 a net decrease this month due to taking gains back from PeerStreet, offsett with an investment into Crypto

Life Insurance – cash (surrender) value of policies purposed for strategic investment opportunities

  • +$5,472.57 monthly premium + policy growth


  • +$3,324.40 market movement + new investment into Crypto (see decrease in ‘Savings’ above)

Real Estate Earnings – PeerStreet monthly interest earnings

  • +$3,511.28 principle + interest repaid on PeerStreet investment


Retirement  – 401(k), IRAs, Pension

  • +$2,867.25  market movement

Other – represents my cost basis in illiquid assets (PeerStreet principal investment, Mrs. Church’s wedding rings, apartment security deposit, and an outstanding loan receivable)

  • -$3,591.42 Principle invested into PeerStreet that was returned into the liquid cash (see ‘Real Estate Earnings’ above) 


Credit Cards – two cards (Amex & Visa) with great rewards

  • +$992,46 traveling during the Christmas holiday (hotels, restaurants etc etc)

Lease Obligations – Apartment lease, storage unit, gym memberships etc

  • -$4,150.00 contractual monthly costs 

Other – life insurance policy loans used to fund strategic investment opportunities

  • $0.00 took a month off given the Christmas holiday


  1. Hi Church,

    thanks for that great update! Again 10k plus! Your net worth grows so fast, it’s incredible to see even when the market is the main driver for that increase right now! You should be very proud of yourself for continually saving that much and investing accordingly!

    One thing, I’ve recognized: Why do you invest your money into cryptocurrencies? This is no rating from my side, I am just curious about why you want to be in the crypto market and if this is a regular investment or just some play money for you.

    Wish you all the best for 2018 and I am sure you and your wife are able to do great even with just a one income.

    • Hello there, Sir! The increases truly come from the bull market and the increase in cash value of my life insurance policy from my premiums. Consistent savings & investing, that’s all I have. No secrets here.

      Ah yes, the Crypto thing. What can I say, I am curious. I started to funnel some of my PeerStreet earnings into buying Crypto. I am dabbling, nothing more. As soon as I clicked the ‘Buy’ button, I figured the money was already lost. We shall see.

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