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Net Worth Aug ’17

SUMMARY: A slight modification in my New Worth schedule that resulted in a restatement for July, for comparability purposes.  I added a “Lease Obligation” line in the liabilities section for my apartment, storage unit, and gym memberships for my wife and I.  These are expenses I am contractually bound to and, therefore, added for completeness.  Main drivers continue to be growth in the life insurance cash value and debt reduction, although spending increases were noted.

* restated values


Checking – cash purposed for managing day-to-day and monthly expenses

  • +$1,374.38 increase will be offset in early September for credit card payments

Savings – cash purposed for the next 3-5 years (wife’s tuition, house down payment, emergency etc)

  • +$171.80 $150 monthly automated deposit from my checking + 21.80 in monthly interest

Life Insurance – cash (surrender) value of policies purposed for strategic investment opportunities

  • +$6,522.90 monthly premium + loan repayment + policy growth


  • -$871.57 flat-ish market movement

Real Estate Earnings – PeerStreet monthly interest earnings

  • +$55.88 accumulated interest earned after re-invested into a new property


Retirement  – 401(k), IRAs, Pension

  • +$165.28 flat-ish market movement

Other – represents my cost basis in illiquid assets (PeerStreet principal investment, Mrs. Church’s wedding rings, apartment security deposit, and an outstanding loan receivable)

  • +$97.00 loan receivable payment increased slightly by an increase in Peerstreet basis for new investments


Credit Cards – two cards (Amex & Visa) with great rewards

  • -$551.63 paid less than prior months due to paying down wife’s credit cards (wife in school, living off one income)

[NEW] Lease Obligations – Apartment lease, storage unit, gym memberships etc

  • -$4,150.00 contractual monthly costs 

Other – life insurance policy loans used to fund strategic investment opportunities

  • -$1,424.5 loan decrease due to loan repayment made

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