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Money Challenge: Unlink Your Checking and Savings

I have to give credit, where credit is due.  The inspiration for this post came from Big Law Investor’s Make Investing Harder, Not Easier.   It’s a great read about how making advances in life, especially when it comes to saving and investing, shouldn’t be easy.  In fact, the harder things …

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Simple Interest Loan, Funding Compound Returns

Certainly, there is no shortage of financial minds out there who shout from mountain tops that whole life insurance is the worst investment known to man, inappropriate for all.  For the most part, I would agree with them. However, for the right individual, it can function, not as an investment, …

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Net Worth(less), More Than You Know

Ok, Mike Meyers (Wayne) and Dana Carvey (Garth) may be wealthy, but your Net Worth is not the amount you believe it to be…and here is my little story behind that statement. I got a call the other day from an old colleague I used to work with. He project-managed …

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My Social (in)Security Complex

There is only one thing I love more than my current Net Worth,  the future value of my Net Worth.  I created a simple ledger in excel that projects a 5% annual growth rate for individual assets and amortizes liabilities over their contractual life.  I use conservative values in order …

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Personal Budget Spreadsheet by Vertex42

Hi Everyone! I am very excited to introduce you all to Vertex42 who, in my opinion, are second to none when it comes to building financial tools in Excel. If you can think of it, they have a spreadsheet template for it. The usability of each spreadsheet is perfect for …

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Turo: A Reversible Belt of Side-Hustling + Life-Hack

Christmas Day, 1987.  My brothers and I were sprinting out of church towards our shit-brown Ford escort station wagon to get home to the presents we opened earlier that morning.  Only one problem – our father.   He was too busy showcasing his fancy new present we gave him – …

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