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Not a Single Ab to Show for It

If I were any good with money, people looking to save a few bucks on a new mattress wouldn’t be the only ones visiting my blog. While I’m proud of my current financial situation, that wasn’t always the case. Though I’d like to say that I’ve drastically cut down on the …

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Your Financial-Life Balance

THE BALANCING ACT It’s no secret that dialing into a balanced life is no easy feat. Sometimes you are completely unaware of how upside down things are until someone points it out, or an event happens that forces the issue – such as missing a family obligation, or being on …

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The Financial Art of Saying “Thank You”

Did you know that those who make it a point to practice saying ‘thank you’ also sleep better, exercise more, feel optimistic about Philadelphia sports teams, are less materialistic, more prone to be financially secure, smile relentlessly, and can even have greater mental clarity? Actually, there is absolutely zero scientific …

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Net Worth(less), More Than You Know

Ok, Mike Meyers (Wayne) and Dana Carvey (Garth) may be wealthy, but your Net Worth is not the amount you believe it to be…and here is my little story behind that statement. I got a call the other day from an old colleague I used to work with. He project-managed …

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Death & Finances: Managing Both Duty and Emotion

At some point in our lives, we are going to undertake the overwhelming responsibility of closing out a loved one’s life.  It’s a topic most of us want to ignore, but when it happens and the burden of responsibility falls onto your shoulders (either as executor or personal representative), understanding …

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